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  • Shampa


Lack of nutrients  In my previous blogs you have come to know that there are 6 main nutrients which are essential for our body without which our body will not function properly. But now a days due to pollution and use of pesticides and various chemicals we are not getting proper nutrition. Our body is just like a machine. If you pour kerosene instead of petrol in a car, will the car run properly? No! Or if we mix kerosene with petrol and pour it in the car will it run? Maybe it will run but for few moments and then it will start malfunctioning and slowly one after one it’s parts will get damaged. Similar is the case with our body. It is just like a car. But due to pollution, pesticides, chemical manures etc our body is not getting proper nutrition. As a result of this most of us are facing serious problems like lifestyle diseases!! But we are not conscious about it!! To compensate your lack of nutrition you can click the link given