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Why It is Good for us? Fiber is good for our digestion, lowering cholesterol, and managing blood sugar levels. It's filling, and it's found in foods that are low in calories, so it helps us manage our weight. Fiber can also help lower our LDL, or bad cholesterol, which could lower your risk of heart disease.

We must Include fruits and vegetables and high-fiber whole grains at every meal and beans several times a week. We also get Fiber from nuts and seeds or popcorn instead of cookies, candy, or chips.We also get fiber from whole-grain breads and cereals, whole wheat pasta, and other whole grains, such as quinoa, millet, barley, cracked wheat, and wild rice. Cereals are also very good source of fiber.Start a meal with a bean soup, such as lentil or black bean.Although food sources of fiber are best, fiber supplements can help us get the daily amount of fiber you need. Examples include psyllium, methylcellulose, wheat dextrin, and calcium polycarbophil. If you take a fiber supplement,you must increase the amount

slowly. This can help prevent gas and cramping. It’s also important to drink enough liquids when you increase your fiber intake